Use this FEAR formula to become a mental alchemist: Flip it, Energize it, Activate it, Reclaim it. Flip fearful thinking, energize conscious thoughts, activate empowering mantras, and reclaim the power to turn fear into fuel. 

 “Whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy.” ~ Brian Tracy



 To flip your fear start by observing the fearful thoughts swirling around in your head. Are these thoughts helpful or harmful? Use your conscious awareness to flip your fear-based thinking to a higher perspective. For example, if you're having stressful thoughts about an uncertain future you can flip your thinking by focusing on the present moment or imagining the best possible future.

 Create a mantra for your new perspective i.e. I am safe and secure. Center this thought in your heart chakra. Energize your mantra by taking several deep breaths as you declare it to yourself. Next, breathe in and fill your heart center with Divine Love; as you breathe out energize your whole body. Repeat 3 times


To activate your mantra imagine breathing in Divine Light and filling your third-eye in the center of your forehead. As you breathe out see your mantra projecting a clear vision for your life. Visualize living with confidence as you're being pulled forward by your vision.

 Reclaim your power to turn fear into fuel. The only reason you may have lost it in the first place is because your ego took charge. The ego tends to have a narrow, fear-based perspective because its job is to help you survive. When you allow your soul to be your guide you will not only survive, you will thrive.

 Once fear turns into fuel you can use it to handle whatever experiences life brings your way. You may not like what is happening in the outer world that's beyond your control but you can always control your inner world. Turning fear into fuel is how you become a mental alchemist.  

 Fear has a tendency to sneak up on you and before you know it you've become a prisoner of your own mind. The first thing to remember to free yourself is that you don't have to believe your own thoughts. The second thing is to determine if the fear is based on fact or fiction. If it's fiction then make up a new story that feels better than the one you're telling yourself.

 Fuel is energy. Decide the best way to use your precious energy and fuel a project, vision, relationship, or self-care. Whenever you feel fatigued become aware of how you're spending your energy. You may need to turn fear into fuel to reignite your life force.

April 27, 2020 — Carol Gutzeit

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