Balance is your natural state. Chronic stress will throw you off balance and affect your overall well-being. Make your health a top priority and you'll discover a variety of ways you can naturally restore balance.

To heal illness, begin by restoring balance.” ~ Caroline Myss


Being out in nature is one of the easiest ways to restore balance, especially near water. Get into an ocean, lake or river and feel yourself being cleansed of stress and all the cortisol that goes with it.

Stress causes shallow breathing. Make a habit of taking deep, relaxing breaths throughout the day. Sighing is a great way to move from your head to your heart and lower stress. Breathing consciously will help you live in the present moment and feel more balanced.

Relationships can throw you off balance. You may need to set a few healthy boundaries with people who are sources of stress in your life. That means deciding what you will, and will not tolerate, and then standing by your decision.

Turning inward for prayer and meditation is a great way to reduce stress. Prayer is the active side of communicating with your higher power and meditation is the receptive side of listening. Both will help you restore inner balance.

Love what you do and do what you love. Work can be stressful if you don't love what you're doing. Either find a way to love it or change what you do for work. You are worthy of having fulfilling work that you love.

A healthy diet combined with exercise that you enjoy are two essential keys to creating balance. Decide what you will add or let go of to elevate your diet and exercise routine to the next level.

There are a variety of herbs and supplements that have been proven to be effective in handling stress. You may want to try: Ashwagandha to balance and stabilize your body while relieving anxiety; Lemon Balm as an herbal remedy for stress, anxiety, and insomnia; B Complex Vitamins to relieve depression, lower stress, and improve your overall quality of life.


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October 21, 2019 — Carol Gutzeit

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