Like a sunflower naturally faces the light, your soul naturally leans towards joy. Although stress, worry, fear, and doubt may rob you of your joy, you can always reclaim it by choosing to be happy now.

“The healthiest response to life is joy.” Mark Twain



It may seem like other people are stealing your joy but they don't have that power unless you give it to them. What matters is how you respond to people who have traded their joy for misery. Misery loves company, and it's up to you to be in the company of joy.

If chronic stress is robbing you of your joy it's a sign that you've allowed your wounded ego to take charge of your life. To return to your natural state of ease ask your soul to move you in the direction of your highest good.

Worry destroys joy. It's the ego's strategy to try and control the future. When you put your trust in the universe and listen to your soul, worry will vanish and joy will return. If you're going to focus on the future it's wise to imagine the best.

Fear is the survival tactic of a wounded ego. It believes that if you're afraid to speak up, take risks, make changes or rock the boat in relationships, you will be safe. Your soul knows that you are safest when you return to love and reclaim your joy.

The ego is plagued by doubt. It's job is to look for everything that could go wrong. Your ego is comfortable with the status quo and change feels threatening. Replace doubt with faith in your soul to choose wisely from the infinite possibilities that life has to offer.

Drama can be addictive. It gives the ego a distraction by getting seduced by the conditions of the outer world, and forgetting about your inner world. When you live from the inside out your inner peace will automatically restore joy and give you a new perspective on life.

Sadness is a natural response to loss. When feeling sad is the result of thinking negative or judgmental thoughts about yourself or others, that's an opportunity to reclaim your joy by redirecting your thoughts to focus on what you love and appreciate.  

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April 12, 2019 — Leslie Denby

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