Your physical, mental and emotional health is directly related to self-care.

In this week’s blog you’ll learn seven ways you can practice self-care and feel good about it.

I Am Practicing Self-Care

Self-care is a practice that requires self-discipline. If you’re in the habit of putting everyone else first, this kind of self-love may feel uncomfortable at first. Taking good care of yourself is the foundation for building a happy, fulfilling life. 

An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly.” ~ Unknown 


Engaging in a self-care practice begins with commitment. When you commit to something or someone you’re more likely to follow through. You may have to say no to other demands on your time to keep your self-care commitment a top priority. 

Your body thrives on movement and exercise. It takes self-discipline to maintain a routine that develops strength, flexibility and endurance while staying balanced with proper rest, relaxation and sleep. A practice is something you cultivate over time so be easy with yourself as you form new habits that support your physical well-being.

Mindfulness is a form of self-care because life is happening in the present moment. If you’re preoccupied with past and future thinking you’ll miss out on your current life. Use conscious breathing as a way to connect your mind with your body and be present. It’s important to be mindful of your self-talk to make sure it’s kind and empowering. 

Take good care of your heart by keeping it open in relationships. You may need to set healthy boundaries to keep your commitment to self-care but you can do so with an open heart. A closed heart is a source of pain and suffering.

As you connect more with your spiritual self you’ll develop a higher level of self-care. Cultivating inner peace through meditation, contemplation and soulful communication becomes a top priority. You can trust your soul to guide you in making good choices. 

Eating healthy food is a form of self-care. What you eat determines how your feel physically and emotionally. Pay attention to the messages you get from your body and emotions to make sure that you’re eating the best food that supports your health.

Getting organized is a self-care practice. Your outer environment reflects your inner environment so when you create order on the outside you experience it on the inside, and vice versa. Start by organizing your closet and give away clothes you don’t wear.

With love and light, 

Carol Gutzeit
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October 10, 2020 — Carol Gutzeit

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