Love is the path that will take you to your best life because it means your soul is in charge, and every experience is seen through the eyes of love. You can bring more joy into the world by falling in love with your soul.

Following the path of love is always your soul's true desire.” – James Van Praagh


Love is a source of healing. It can heal a wounded ego with loving thoughts and beliefs. Love heals illness and injury to the body with loving care and attention. Love heals relationships with acceptance of each others differences. Use love to activate the healer within. 

 If you find yourself on a path of fear the best way to change course is to realize where you are, decide where you want to go, and create a plan to get there. It takes courage to change direction but once you get back on the path of love you'll be glad you did.

When you follow the path of love you feel safe because you're connected to a power greater than yourself. You no longer need to rely on your ego to protect you because your soul knows the way. 

On the path of love you will find opportunities to begin again. You may head towards compassion then come to a fork in the path where you move in the direction of forgiveness. No matter which way your soul takes you, you'll discover that love is always a source of renewal.

Learn the universal language of love. It has the tone of kindness, it uses words of compassion, and it often says: I forgive you. Kindness, compassion and forgiveness will activate your natural state of unconditional love. You're either speaking heaven or hell into existence so use your love language.

Love is powerful. It inspires acts of kindness, it chooses to live with integrity, and it has a desire to speak the truth. If someone is being unkind, is out of integrity, or not speaking the truth, it's helpful to remember that in those moments they're not listening to the voice of love. 

Love brings people together, sometimes for a lifetime, a moment, or a lesson. It grows in solitude, flourishes in healthy relationships, and may suddenly appear in a moment of recognition between two souls. Love can evolve through every challenge when it's allowed to lead the way, and it doesn't take anything personally. 

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Love and light,

Carol Gutzeit 

DYI Blogger/Life Coach

February 16, 2020 — Carol Gutzeit

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