I Am Naturally Optimistic


You were born optimistic. When you came into this world you knew this was a friendly universe and so you believed that life was on your side. To keep optimism alive, renew your faith in the universe every time you witness its astounding beauty.


"The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” Einstein




If you believe that you live in a friendly universe your perception of life will be more positive than if you believe this is a hostile universe. You’ll see the glass half full rather than half empty because your life is the glass and you’re the one filling it.


Optimism comes with good coping skills and the ability to take care of your health. How you respond to life and your body is an indicator of how optimistic you are, especially when faced with a challenge. Look at the bright side of everything and you’ll become an eternal optimist who sees challenges as opportunities for growth.


Optimism is the habit of taking action from positive thinking. A positive mindset produces positive emotions, and feeling good leads to right action. Inspired action generates positive results and all of that positivity develops greater optimism.


Optimists have a zest for life. They live with their hearts wide open ready to share their joy for existence like a human exclamation point! You’ll be providing a healthy dose of optimism by lighting the fire of enthusiasm in others and living an inspired life.


Being optimistic connects you to the quantum field of possibilities. It gives you a positive outlook that allows you to look forward to the unknown with  excitement. It’s perfectly natural to anticipate a brilliant future and say yes to life with confidence.


Using food as medicine is extremely optimistic. It means that you believe in the healing power of mother earth and her ability to provide what your body needs to restore and maintain vibrant health. Choose high-quality food to fill your body with vital nutrients.


Positive thinking arises from acceptance, worthiness, contentment and gratitude. Living in a state of gratitude will sustain a natural born optimist who knows this is a friendly universe. Take Einstein’s word for it when he said making this decision is important. 


With love and light,


Carol Gutzeit

Blogger + Life Coach


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April 26, 2021 — Carol Gutzeit

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