Life is built on relationships. How you relate to yourself, other people, and the world around you determines the level of love you bring to life. The more you live in the present the easier it will be to love your life without past and future distractions.

In this week’s blog you will find seven ways to love your life.   

I Am Loving Life

There is a window of opportunity that appears in every moment. NOW is the Natural Observation Window that provides the best view of life. The way to love your life is to build a sensory relationship with the present moment and everyone in it. 

“I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.”   ~ Arthur Rubinstein


Focus your attention on the present moment and you’ll discover the power of mindfulness. It’s easy to love life when you’re focused on being here now. Become the observer of life as it unfolds before your eyes and remember to come to your senses.

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. Open your eyes to see all the good in the world and you’ll feel the love. Close your eyes to look within and discover the inner world that holds the wisdom of loving life. Use your senses to engage the best of both worlds. 

Your mind sees life through a window of perception that is framed by your beliefs. This is where common sense is your best friend. When something you’ve been told doesn’t make sense, it’s time to examine your beliefs. It’s easier to love a life that makes sense.   

Your heart observes life through a window of love with a sense of compassion. The view from the heart always sees the best in everyone and easily forgives the past. Living from the heart feels like going home. Your presence is the power that takes you there.  

Your spirit provides a crystal clear window of awareness. This gives you the intuitive sense that guides you through life. When you’re aware of who you really are and trust your intuition like a beacon of light, life becomes a beautiful reflection of your soul. 

Practice intuitive eating. Trust that when you tune in to what your body needs it will guide you to the right food at the right time in the right amount. Your body’s wisdom is the best authority for what you put in it. Eating intuitively is a way to love life with a sense of knowing what is right for you. 

Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual senses allow you to fully experience life in every now moment. Live in the present to reveal the next moment you can relate to others and the world around you by accepting life as it is and loving the whole journey. 

With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit

Blogger + Life Coach

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February 15, 2021 — Carol Gutzeit

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