Summer is the season of having fun and having fun starts with feeling good! When you feel good in your body, mind, and heart, you actually free your spirit.

In this week’s blog there are seven actions steps to take you in the direction of feeling good. Focus on one each day of the week and see how you feel at the end of seven days.

I Am Feeling Good

Laughter is natural medicine for your body, mind and soul. It releases endorphins, strengthens your immune system, and lowers stress. Find the humor in being human, and you'll expand your capacity to feel good. 

“Wanting to feel good is synonymous with wanting to feel God.” ~ Wayne Dyer


You live in the feeling of your thoughts. To feel good, focus on the good in your life and what there is to appreciate. Carve out time to have fun every day and let your inner child come out and play. Smile and laugh often for an overall sense of well-being. 

Movement feels good because your body was designed to move in a variety of ways. Discover how your body likes to move and do it often. Walking, dancing, rebounding, swimming, yoga and Pilates are some of the best forms of exercise because they feel so good.

Trusting your intuition feels good because it's your spiritual guidance directing you towards your highest good. Focus on being in the present moment and experience your feelings fully. If you're feeling good, you're aligned with your soul. 

Feel good about who you are by acknowledging how far you've come, and all the life lessons you've learned. You've always done the best you knew how, and all of your experiences have contributed to the person you are today.

It's important to feel good about your job or career. If you don't love the work you're doing it's time to either make a change in what you're doing or change your attitude. This is an area of your life where you have a choice. You can either choose to enjoy the work you’re doing or move on. 

Relationships are a spiritual practice to help you grow. Allow others to be who they are, and where they are on their journey. This feels better than trying to change or control another person. If a relationship doesn't feel good it may be a sign to let it go. Make sure you learn something about yourself so you don't keep repeating the same lessons with different people.

Eating healthy food feels good because you're giving your body what it needs to thrive. Try new recipes or make up your own using the healthiest whole ingredients you can find. Summer is a great time for including more organic fruits and veggies in your diet. They are rich in nutrients and their high water-content is extremely hydrating.

With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit

Life Coach + Blogger


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July 12, 2020 — Carol Gutzeit

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