Although slow and steady may not always win the race, it will get you to the finish line. Most big goals and dreams are fulfilled by trusting in divine order. Follow your patient heart and let the universe surprise you.

"Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success." –Napoleon Hill 


Patience is a trait worth developing. It allows you to see the big picture without getting lost in the details. The reward of patience is more patience, and with that comes a deep sense of gratification.

Instant gratification doesn't necessarily lead to a positive outcome. Most lottery winners spend all their money within two years because they felt they didn't earn it or deserve it. Whatever your heart desires, earn it by the way you live, and you will feel worthy of what you receive.  

Trust the Universe. There is a spiritual timeline with lessons and healing along the way. Enjoy the journey and know that you are being guided to a happy outcome. Step-by-step, keep moving towards the vision you have for your life. Steady movement is progress; and progress is another reward for patience.

Slow down. Being part of the human race means you need to go at your own pace to enjoy it. If others pass you by or leave you behind, let them go their own way. You are on a unique journey and trying to keep up with others will cause stress, burnout, and disappointment.

Impatience can cause mistakes and lead to failure. There is really no such thing as failure, unless you give up. Be very patient with yourself when you think something is taking too long; just keep going towards completion and enjoy the journey. 

When something doesn't go your way and you feel angry, irritated or frustrated, remember it's your mind that is causing the discomfort, not the situation. Flip the switch from impatience to patience and you'll feel more at ease in your body and much better equipped to handle challenges.

If your body is experiencing a health issue, be patient; the condition probably didn't happen overnight. It takes time to heal on a physical and emotional level. Find out what you need to add or omit from your diet to support your body in the healing process. Discover the underlying emotional component that needs your attention. Symptoms are messengers. Determine what you may need to change about your lifestyle to help your body heal. 


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October 27, 2019 — Carol Gutzeit

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