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A strong, healthy body is an essential line of defense in preventing disease. In this blog there are seven ways to help you stay healthy. One way is to practice yoga.


I created SATORI YOGA many years ago while living in Hawaii. I was working as a fitness professional and training for marathons and triathlons in my free time. I was so focused on my physical fitness that the mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of myself were not getting as much attention. I needed a way to restore balance, and out of that need Satori Yoga was born, and I’ve been sharing it ever since.


Here’s what fitness expert Kathy Smith has to say: “I love Satori because it’s so much more than yoga - it’s about living life in a more balanced way. It’s a great way to stay connected physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.”


This practice will help you reduce stress, increase energy, get focused, reverse aging, stimulate your chakras, open your heart, and connect you with your spirit. All of which has the beneficial side effect of supercharging your immune system. You can learn more here:


I Am Supercharging My Immune System


Think of your immune system as an energy field that either gets charged or drained by its environment. You can become more immune to disease, stress, worry, fear, and doubt by pausing to reset your biological systems.


“As you begin to heal the inner you, you alter your immune system.” ~ Wayne Dyer




Reset your immune system to protect you from disease with the best possible nutrition, supplements, herbs, hydration, exercise, sleep, rest and relaxation. You can also supercharge your immune system by tapping on your upper chest to stimulate your thymus gland. Do this for twenty seconds three times a day to generate more T cells.


Your cardiovascular and respiratory systems can be reset from from fear to love by tuning into your heart while breathing deeply. It helps to place your hands over the center of your chest and focus on the mantra: I am love. Feel deep appreciation for your strong beating heart and clear breathing lungs several times a day to boost your immune system.


Your digestive system can protect you from doubt when you learn to trust your gut. You have a second brain in your gut that instinctively knows what to do, where to go or not go, and who to listen to. It communicates with your brain via the vagus nerve. Trust your gut to help you stay healthy.


Your muscular system will give you the strength you need to get through these challenging times. It's important to reset this system by incorporating strength training into your exercise routine two to three times a week. You can use free weights, kettlebells or your body weight. If you need guidance there are plenty of online videos for all levels. As you strengthen your body imagine your immune system getting stronger.  


Reset your skeletal system with daily exercise and superfoods. It's actually no coincidence that celery looks like bones because it contains the nutrients they need to be strong. Walking, hiking, dancing, and rebounding are good ways to support your skeletal system while enhancing your immune system. 


Yoga will take you from an active beta brain wave frequency to a more relaxed alpha state. The combination of movement and breathing will quiet your mind, reset your nervous system, and help you let go of worry by focusing on the present moment. Being calm is good for your immune system. 


By switching from the stress response to the relaxation response you can reset your nervous system. Here's a GUIDED MEDITATION ( ) I recorded years ago that was featured on Hawaiian Airlines as part of their inflight entertainment. It's now available for free on the Insight Timer app. As you listen to this guided deep relaxation set the intention to strengthen your immune system.


April 07, 2020 — Carol Gutzeit

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