The end of 2020 is a good time to reflect on everything you’ve learned from the past year. It’s also the perfect time to look forward to the new year by making a commitment to your personal growth and transformation.

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In this week’s blog you’ll learn seven ways to experience personal transformation.

I Am On a Path of Transformation 

Transformation occurs naturally when you focus on developing physical balance, mental wholeness, emotional harmony and spiritual freedom. Take the spiral path of transformation to return to your heart center. It’s where you’ll discover your true self.

“The great solution to all human problems is individual inner transformation.”

                                                                                                            ~ Vernon Howard


Dramatic change happens when you choose to live in balance, wholeness, harmony and freedom. On this path you’ll discover how to merge the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself to create a powerful transformation.

Physical balance is your natural state of well-being. Chronic stress blocks the flow of life force energy and causes an imbalance in your body. To reduce stress you can accept what is happening in the present moment so that you have the energy to transform it.

Mental wholeness is a union of the right and left brain hemispheres. The right brain is the creative, intuitive side that must guide and direct the logical left brain so that it can devise an inspired plan of action. Together they create the best human experiences.

Emotional harmony comes from love, disharmony comes from fear. When you feel good you’re living from a love-centered perspective. Feeling negative emotions are letting you know that your perspective is fear-based. Embody love to transform fear.

Spiritual freedom is about remembering your true nature. You are a spiritual being that knows what is best for you. It is essential that you trust your soul to guide you on your journey through life to make good choices. Follow your intuition to experience freedom.

Healing foods have the power to transform your health. Consume organic whole foods that hold the energy of Mother Nature. For example: when you eat greens your body heals from chlorophyl; eating walnuts provides omega-3 oils for healthy brain function. 

Transformation literally means to go beyond form. To create a lifestyle that takes a new form, pay more attention to your body, mind, heart, and spirit. When all four parts are aligned, balanced and in harmony, your life will be transformed from the inside out.


With love and light, 

Carol Gutzeit
Blogger + Life Coach

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December 28, 2020 — Carol Gutzeit

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