I Am Having Faith


During these unprecedented times it's helpful to have faith in the wisdom of uncertainty. The future is unknown, and yet we still believe that the sun will set this evening and will rise again tomorrow morning.   

 None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward. Because we trust. Because we have Faith.” ~ Paulo Coelho



 Even though you cannot see the sunrise at night you know that it will be back in the morning to light up the whole sky. This kind of faith will help you remain calm and hopeful during challenging times.  

 Create a morning and evening ritual of connecting with the sunrise and sunset. Appreciate the rising and setting sun and it will strengthen your faith in the universe. This connection will activate your parasympathetic nervous system and help you feel centered and peaceful. 

The future holds infinite possibilities. When you know that you're a co-creator with the universe you get to choose the possibilities you wish to manifest. The wisdom of uncertainty is based on having freedom of choice to mold your life.

 Faith is more than believing, it's a deep knowing that comes from your soul. Your soul knows that you are more than a body with a mind. It knows that you're a magnificent spiritual being with infinite potential that can turn difficult challenges into victories.    

 When you plant a seed in the ground do you have faith that it will grow? You know that it must be nurtured with water, sunlight, and nutrients for it to break through the dark soil. The same holds true for you. 

 When you lack faith turn to the cosmos. Look up at the starry night sky, gaze at the moon, and know that the wisdom that created all that you see also created you with just as much care. You are never alone, and certainly not forgotten. 

 Have faith in yourself. You made a courageous choice to be part of the human experience on planet earth. You were given a body to take care of for a lifetime, and a soul to guide you every step of the way. Listen to your soul more than your ego and you'll develop a strong spiritual self that can handle anything.



May 02, 2020 — Carol Gutzeit


Elaine Menger said:

Love this Mantra today, and it is specially perfect right now during this crazy time we are facing in our world were people no longer want to leave their homes, hug a person, shake a hand a time of fear and anxiety. Anxiety is something i deal with and its Mantras like this that help me rise up! So A BIG THANK YOU

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