Whenever you’re making a transition it’s helpful to contemplate your life. Focus on how far you’ve come to get to this point and consider who you need to become for a smooth transition.

The act of contemplation allows you to engage with a powerful creative force. You become an active participant in the direction of your life.

In this week’s blog there are seven ways to contemplate your life. 

I Am Defining My Purpose

When you were very young you knew the meaning of your life. You were born with this knowledge and over time you may have forgotten. Contemplation is the intuitive path to remember your life’s purpose and to navigate the transitions ahead with ease. 

“The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.”  ~ Aristotle


Transitions are opportunities to contemplate your life. When you’re going through a change it’s important to make sure that it’s taking you in the right direction. Make sure your life choices are aligned with your highest values and top priorities.   

Every morning when you wake up you get another opportunity to contemplate your purpose for the day. Make a conscious choice to show up and be fully present in each moment and it will transform your life. Choose to look for the good in the world, accept yourself and others, and you’ll naturally experience more joy. 

Contemplation is not the same as overthinking. Contemplative thinking has a meditative quality with a purpose. It usually begins with a deep question i.e.: What is the meaning of my life? As you listen for the answer and observe your thoughts, simply allow your awareness to rise above your ego's mental chatter so that you can hear the calming voice of your soul.

Contemplation combined with journaling will help you capture your soul's guidance through the written word. You can write your question and simply allow whatever comes through to be transferred to the page. This will help you get clear. You may be pleasantly surprised when you read what you wrote. 

Your soul chose to come here as a way to grow and evolve through the human experience, and that choice determines the meaning of your life. For example, if your soul chose to learn about unconditional love, then that's the meaning of your life. If it chose to overcome fear, then that would give meaning to difficult challenges. Look at your life and contemplate what you've learned so far.

You can give any life experience meaning if you choose to look at it from a spiritual perspective. From injury, illness and disease to stress, suffering and pain, there is always something to learn that will help you grow. When you discover the lesson and learn from it, your soul will naturally evolve. 

Everything is energy, including you. When you're conscious of the energy that flows through your body, mind, heart, and spirit, you will experience the joy of a meaningful life. It's up to you to allow energy to flow to you and through you. Think of love as an acronym for: Living On Vital Energy. It will inspire you to love yourself and others as an expression of who you really are.

With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit
Blogger + Life Coach

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August 16, 2020 — Carol Gutzeit

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