Muscle Magic

$ 34.00 USD

This amazing smelling Full Spectrum CBD Salve really seems magical!  

Say farewell to muscle aches and pains.

Our full spectrum CBD cream magically erases muscle tension from workouts or carrying little ones.  This product is made with locally grown hemp, cold pressed, and combines all organic ingredients that benefit your mind, body and spirit.

Our CBD Salve is not only great for muscles, it is ultra moisturizing, hydrating, soothes scratches, sunburns, dry patches on your skin.  Our very high quality, natural ingredients and potent rosin will have you feeling like this is truly magical!

"I used during my night time routine.  It smells so nice and natural.  I put it on my chest and body after a long day, and the scent eases my mind, and the hemp eases my body.  This is truly a salve I will always want to keep by my bed and in my bathroom."