Self-empowerment comes from rising up each day and seeing life from a higher perspective. Like an eagle soaring high above the earth, you will experience the lightness of being free when you take charge of your life. 

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't -- you're right."
Henry Ford


It takes self-discipline to become self-empowered. Your mind is hardwired to reject change and without discipline it will automatically use the outdated operating system you already have running. With discipline you can upgrade your system to accept positive change. 

You cannot control what happens in the outside world. When you take control over your response to what happens, it will no longer take control over you. Rather than asking: Why is this happening to me? Ask: Why is this happening for me?

Every time you judge someone you are indirectly judging yourself and losing energy. When you stop judging others for their behavior and offer compassion instead, you are on A path of self-empowerment.

You have everything you need inside of yourself to shape your reality. From this empowering perspective you will be able to honor your dreams and desires. You may ask others for support without depending on them to fulfill your dreams.

When you know that you're unique and no one else can provide the gifts that you bring to the world, you'll feel empowered to share your gifts. Creative expression is your soul's signature on its beautiful life. 

If you find yourself in a rut that you can't get out of, look at the self-deception of believing that you don't have a choice. Choose to practice self-empowerment instead by being honest with yourself and then make a different choice.

Being self-absorbed with your problems and worries is disempowering. Change your focus to helping someone else and you'll naturally feel better. Every time you give another person your loving attention you're using your power wisely. 


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Carol Gutzeit 

DYI Blogger/Life Coach

March 02, 2020 — Carol Gutzeit

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