I Am Living On Purpose






Be the light that shines through someone’s window of perception and you’ll be living on purpose. When you’re in charge of your own frequency, you’re living a conscious life that affects others. Your very existence becomes a source of enlightenment.






When you stay on purpose and refuse to be discouraged by fear, you align with the infinite self, in which all possibilities exist.” ~ Wayne Dyer












You can either live unintentionally or on purpose. Living unintentionally is the ego’s reactive way of operating on autopilot to merely survive. When you live on purpose your soul is guiding you to create a life where you intentionally thrive.






The purpose of your body is to be the vehicle for your soul. It came equipped with five senses to enjoy the ride, plus a sixth sense to intuitively navigate all the twists and turns on your incredible journey. Take good care of your vehicle and it will last a lifetime.






Your mind is a tool for creating life on purpose. Creative visualization is a mental discipline that puts your imagination to good use. Take several deep relaxing breaths, close your eyes and visualize your life unfolding with peace, precision and purpose. 






To discover the larger vision and purpose for your life you need time to reflect so that when you do take action it is done with clarity and passion. Place both hands over your heart center, take several deep breaths, close your eyes and ask: What do I need to know?






Your spirit inspires you to live your inner and outer purpose. Your inner purpose is to remember who you really are; your outer purpose is to do what you came here to do.



There is nothing unintentional about a spiritual path. Every step is informed by an inner light that leads to a life of love and service with opportunities for growth along the way. 






The purpose of consuming food is to nourish your body. To support your overall health it’s important that you eat the highest quality organic whole foods available. That also means eliminating junk food that is lacking in nutrients and detrimental to your health.   






Living on purpose gives life meaning because you are making conscious choices, and conscious choices lead to fulfilling experiences. A fulfilling life is filled with the purpose you choose to give it. It’s not something you have to do, it’s something you love to do. 






With love and light,






Carol Gutzeit



Blogger + Life Coach






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March 29, 2021 — Carol Gutzeit

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