It’s easy to be in the zone when you’re living in a state of love. Love has a long attention span while fear has a short one. When you’re loving your body, your life, other people and the beauty found in nature, you have entered the zone of true happiness.     

“One of the strongest signs of being in the zone is a sense of freedom and authenticity.”

~ Ken Robinson


It’s natural to be in the zone. To feel one with what you’re doing comes from full body awareness, intense mental focus, heart-centered engagement, and a joyful free spirit. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you love who you are and enjoy what you’re doing.

The physical zone of body awareness naturally brings you into the moment. Conscious breathing is one way to connect your mind with your body to become fully present. The more you love your body with conscious breathing, the easier it is to enter the zone.

The mental zone of focus requires discipline. In a world where there are endless distractions it becomes necessary to train your mind to stay present because it likes to jump around into the past and future. Happiness comes from giving your full loving attention to the present moment where life is happening. 

The heart-centered zone of being fully engaged with others allows you to express yourself from love rather than fear. Fear blames and love takes personal responsibility. Returning to love always feels good as it leads to healthy, happy relationships.

The free spirit zone is connected to nature. Mother Nature sets the example for a beautiful life. You can always find something in the natural world to uplift your spirit because it’s like coming home to the beauty within yourself. 

The nourishment zone exists when you are fully present while preparing and eating healthy food. Every morsel that is taken into your body with awareness of the vital nutrients it provides is a good way to appreciate the gift of nutrition.

Living in the zone is a conscious lifestyle that consists of present moments infused with love. When you put your heart into everything you do you will create a happy, fulfilling life that is based on love instead of fear.  

With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit

Blogger + Life Coach

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August 13, 2021 — Carol Gutzeit

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